Jeannette Sutton, Ph.D. 

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Jeannette Sutton, Ph.D. is a disaster sociologist, specializing in research on the uses of social media in crises and disasters. Jeannette's research is helping to transform the ways that emergency managers understand public communications during disasters, create strategies to improve warnings systems, and engage the public in times of crisis.

Jeannette has moved to the University of Kentucky where she is now an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication and the Director of the Division of Risk Sciences.

Upcoming conferences:
Three co-authored papers will be presented at the National Communications Association, Nov 20-22, 2014 in Chicago, IL:

“The Study of Public Warning Messages Delivered Over Mobile Devices:  Integrating Relevant Literatures and Setting the Communication Research Agenda.” -  Hamilton Bean,  Jeannette Sutton, Brooke F. Liu, Stephanie Madden, Michele Wood, and Dennis S. Mileti.   

“Disaster Warnings in Your Pocket: A Qualitative Study of How Audiences Interpret Wireless Emergency Alerts” - Hamilton Bean, Stephanie Madden, Brooke F. Liu, Jeannette Sutton, Michele Wood, and Dennis S. Mileti.

“Recipes for Disasters:  Crisis Communication’s Theory Problem.”  Panel on Theorizing Crisis Communication, Rhetorical and Communication Theory Division.  - Matt Seeger and Jeannette Sutton.

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